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Why Register? .melbourne

The .melbourne domain extension is open to Victorian entities, residents and associated entities.

An applicant must satisfy one of the following criteria.

  • Victorian Entities – Entities registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or the Australian Business Register that have an address in the State of Victoria associated with its ABN, ACN, RBN or ARBN; or have a valid corporate address in the State of Victoria.
  • Victorian Residents – Australian citizens or residents with a valid address in the State of Victoria.
  • Associated Entities – Entities associated with the State of Victoria, as determined by the registry sole and absolute discretion. An Associated Entity may include, but is not limited to, an entity that manufactures or sells a product to residents of the State of Victoria, provides a service to entities or individuals residing in the State of Victoria, organizes or sponsors an event in the State of Victoria, facilitates an activity in the State of Victoria, or teaches or provides training to residents of the State of Victoria.

Certain domain names have been classified as Premium and will be sold at higher prices. If you wish to apply for a Premium domain name please email to process your application.

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Region Registration Renew Transfer Local Presenece
per year
Australia $58.00 - $167.00
Visa / MasterCard / PayPal