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.org IS A GENERIC TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAME (gtld). ORG has empowered and mobilized over 10 million websites, serving as a reliable online venue for organisations, companies, clubs, and individuals to communicate with their core audiences about a shared interest, passion or cause.

  • .ORG domain is a haven for nonprofits and do-good organisations.
  • .ORG has helped reshape the online world by advancing causes, creating opportunities, and making our communities more open and collaborative.
  • .ORG is the natural domain of choice for businesses (large and small) to highlight their philanthropic endeavors, strengthen their customer relationships and to illustrate their commitment to encouraging and making a positive societal impact to their current and potential stakeholders.
  • The content of a .ORG website can appear in any language. .ORG domain names are available in a variety of character sets, so that characters like á, ç, è, ñ, and ö can be part of your domain name.

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