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Why Register? .top

In English,top means high-level,in Chinese, it means "breakthrough" It is for "high-level" enterprise and qualified people who want to "breakthrough" to create a "positive and breakthrough self" domain name system. .TOP is an unsrestricted domain extension.

.TOP accepts ASCII characters as well as traditional Chinese. ASCII strings must meet the requirements below:

       1. cannot exceed 63 characters (not including the TLD);

       2. must contain of A-Z(case insensitive),the digits(0-9)and hyphen(-)only;

       3. cannot start or end with a hyphen(-);

       4. cannot contain hyphens in the third and fourth character positions(-).


Over 30,000 previously RESERVED domain names have now been released. You can find the list at,2015.xls

Registry Tips:

1. If your desired domains have already been registered or reserved, you may try it in other languages like French, German, Spanish(remember to change special letters, like ü-u) .
2. There are hardly any compound, plural or more-than-nine-letter-long English words or non-English alphabet words reserved.
3. .Top domains are supported on SEDO.


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