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Why Register? .中国

The .中国 (Chinese script for "China") domain name extension is a uniquly Chinese space on the Internet! Plus, interested parties may also consider adding .CN, the ASCII version of .中国!

Registration - Starting in August 2014, the .中国 introduced a new domain name registration process! Now there is no local presence requirment! As a result, the verification process can now be completed at anytime during the life of the domain name. This greatly simplified registration process will make .CN and .中国 domain names more accessible to Namelynx customers by greatly simplifying the entire process!

Transfer - In addition, .CN domain names can now be transferred much easier between parties!

(These policies do not apply to .GOV.CN domain names.)

.中国 prices preview

Region Registration Renew Transfer Local Presenece
per year
China $32.30 - $150.00
Visa / MasterCard / PayPal